August 2019

The striking depth of charcoal is what makes this medium in essence, timeless. The current works of Ivana Quezada embody a rich and intricate passage into the abstractions of light versus dark in all of charcoal’s dusty glory. Finally, some answers to this alluring discipline.

If I had to sum up the overall feel of this exhibition, in short, I would say it is delicately intense. In your piece, A Brief Sudden Brightening, majestic and complex clouds open to the sky. What is the process to such an exhaustive detailed style?

Ivana: The structure and marks of these forms have sort of evolved from one another; this evolution has allowed me to uncover more of what it is exactly that I am trying to achieve in these particular forms. These decisions have also resulted from discovering the possibilities of expressiveness in charcoal. Although I do not directly or consciously reference any definite subjects as I am drawing, I will constantly observe and study fractal patterns formed in nature. Naturally, the textures and details I create become allusive of those present in reality. The general forms and compositions of each drawing result from a gestural, instinctive process that becomes more controlled as I build up the work. My process begins by laying out gestural marks using a chamois leather cloth, using charcoal pencils and compressed charcoal sticks I gradually intensify and refine those subtle marks that were made apparent in the initial gestural strokes. This process involves a lot of trial and error as I try to harmonize these erratic unintended forms with intentional detail, but the randomness eventually evolves into an organized chaos.